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Leadership in the manufacture of perfumes and body care products, hair and cosmetics and high-end gifts to the highest international standards through innovation and excellence and value of keeping it all to commemorate the creation and development of resources. Read More
Upgrading of industrial activity to the field of perfumes and products of nature on the development and marketing of innovative products of an east or west or body care products through the best and most advanced production lines in the perfume industry and the products of nature. Read More
In the world of the perfume industry brought experience and who was born determination, they made them the language of her passion for perfection and her professionalism implementation, yes Our world administrative is clear ideas in the minds of cadres enthusiastic decreed by the new path in the highest standards Read More


Perfume investments

As investors in the investment volume oriental fragrance in perfumes in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at about $ 3.8 billion annually led by Saudi Arabia, followed by the United Arab Emirates. The perfume sector in Saudi leaps of up to 20 percent a year, in a market larger than two billion riyals through more than 40 companies engaged in the trade of oud and oriental perfumes, and can accommodate more than 70 percent of global exports of perfumes. The estimated size of the market for high-end perfume more than 775 million riyals. It is said that the Saudi market which reaches its size to 4 billion riyals, with more than 70 major companies trading in the oud and oriental perfumes.

Our experience

Our experience over 35 years has sought from the outset, and please God to bless us sought to establish our national entity contributes to the prosperity of our economy through a gate put premium products to keep pace with the world and what is new world of perfumes and cosmetics.


We invite you to visit our stand in the exhibition beauty of the Gulf (Gulf Beauty 2013) in UAE, Dubai during the period 28-30 May 2013 Hall No. 1 Suite No. 1 F 12


28150076 Bottles has served in the factory in 2011, then thank our valued customers and we derive our determination to high-quality production of trust.

Certificate (GMP)

Stay tuned we get the certificate (GMP) a testament to the foundations of good manufacturing, which will be subject to all the products of the means of stringent safety internationally approved and FDA Arabia SFDA so Anciina expansion huge new factory at a total cost exceeding 64 million riyals to become the first manufacturer Perfumes and Cosmetics gets GMP certification inMiddle East

Perfume industry

Perfume industry ... art .... taste .... and Investment

Mohammed bin Ibrahim Khuraiji

Began loved and loving to the world of perfumes and cosmetics and I think it must be the instigator of the first to practice this profession is the love of this the world outstanding Besnath - Mohammed bin Ibrahim Khuraiji

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